Saturday, June 27, 2009

Welcome to my world...

Well here I am! A working mom, who has no desire to do anything else but be a mom and a wife... yes I am officially blogging. I am mostly doing this for all of my family and friends that are not here with us locally as a way to stay connected with our family and theirs.
With that said - ShylahsWorld - A Day in the Life - can now be yours as well. A friend referred me to this website - and let me know that it's not a myspace, or facebook, or a twitter, etc... etc... it's merely a place where I can publish news, thoughts, stories and who knows - I've heard of authors getting their starts after people following their blogs... I've always like the thought of being a writer/author for something...
As an introduction, my goals with this page are to do all the above. I want to post major events that happen in my life for those of you to share with me... like the fact that Jaxon just downed about 9 oz. of water/juice in maybe 2 mins. It's hot hot hot here - and boy does he feel it too... I'm going to hate my electric bill this month - but I definitely can't live without the ac and neither can Jax! I plan on posting pictures and videos on here - and that way all you can see what Jax is doing! =)
I'm not 100% familiar with this website - I'll be learning as I go, but I do believe you can subscribe to any new post's and/or blogs and that way when I update something you will be notified!
I love you all and wish I could be there with you in person to share my new life - but thanks to modern day technology, I can come close!!!!



Mike said...

Glad to see you're getting back out there... good to have a place to check in. Take care, have a happy 4th.

Mom said...

Thank you for starting a blog that allows the entire family/friends to see what going on in your life.

Love you!