Monday, November 16, 2009

12 Months of Total Bliss...

Well sadly I have not been updating as much as I thought I would be once I stayed at home... I'll give you one reason why!!!! Jax has definitely kept me on my toes the last two weeks. I'll tell you! It's been so nice though being able to stay with him and really get to see how he is ALL the time, not just when Mommy's home. I've got my hands full for sure! =)

I can't believe Jax will be 1 tomorrow... I am excited, but of course sad at the same time. The last 364 days have flown by and yet, my itty bitty little boy,is such a big boy now. This year has been an absolutely thrilling and outstanding year, I just can't believe it's gone by so fast. Thankfully, I've taken the time to enjoy it. I haven't been as surprised at the things he has done as I thought I would be, because I waited for it, and embraced each milestone as it came. Some of the things that he has done, came a little faster than I actually was ready for, like walking, and teething haha, but I've been amazed each step, and am more proud of him than I can express. Jax has completely changed our lives by making it more challenging, but so much more enjoyable at the same time. Dean and I always joked about how our lives would be so boring if we didn't have our farm, and since we had Jax we couldn't imagine how our lives would be without him.

Walking upstairs to take a shower and having to throw about 5 things out of the tub, pulling toys out of the dishwasher, making everything in the house go a little bit higher up, and a little farther in on the shelves, pulling the smallest things out of his mouth, dropping the crib a little lower every other month, etc... all of which are completely normal we were told, and thankfully we've never taken it for granted. I know now that he's mobile, we're really in for it, but now that I have the time to be with him, I'm hoping I can stay one step ahead of him.

When we first brought Jax home, we were so surprised and still in shock that he was here so early, that we missed all the "what if's" and never really got to reflect on how fortunate we were to actually have him home. I get really choked up some days, now reflecting on how absolutely blessed we were to not have him in the NICU, that he didn't have a single thing wrong with him, and that he is completely healthy. I remember the Dr. telling us that our little 4lb, 11oz baby was the healthiest baby in the nursery that day. Every time I hear someone making a comment about how small he is, it's hard not to rattle everything off about his history, so I usually stop myself and just smile knowing that he is so amazing, just little! All of the milestone's he has hit, that we were told he would be months behind, and he was doing right when his age said he would, we celebrated a little more,thinking, yeah... we've got a super baby!!!

Jax is just now starting to wear 6-9 months clothes, size 2 diapers, and still has his original carseat. He got to enjoy his swing up to 10 months only because he could climb out, and still enjoys his bouncer, all of which most babies outgrow in less than 6 months. He has 7, almost 8 teeth pushed through the gums, is walking/running, and only crawling when he falls. He can say Mama, Dadda, Buh-Bye, and No, along with his fully "matter of fact" sentences and other normal baby blabber. He understands what No means, although shakes his head and points and tells YOU no, then smiles and waits for a reaction. He has had only one fever, that lasted less than 12 hours, has never gone to the doctor other than his normal check-up's, and knock on wood, has not had any type of injury other than bumps from being clumsy. He is already off his pacifier (4 months ago),only sucked his thumb for one week, can already kinda use a straw, can drink from a sippy cup, (although he doesn't understand the concept of tipping it up), and has been eating adult "table" food since he was 9 months old. He started climbing stairs at 10 months old, has already figured out how to "safely" climb down, can get up and off the couch, and almost off the bed. This of course if just a summary. There are so many other amazing things that he does and can do, but for the sake of you all, I will stop there. =)

Looking at Jax right now figuring out what in and out means, playing contently in a laundry basket with a shampoo bottle, and being with Dean, and as a family, I realize how truly blessed my life is. The last year hasn't come without it's trying times for us, but because of our Faith, our Love and our Trust in each other, not to mention our amazing family and friends who have helped out so much, we've made it work.

I know that many of you wish you could be here with us tomorrow to celebrate Jaxon's birthday, and the holidays, but we will hopefully be having post birthday parties once we are back home to make up for it. Jax has already gotten the best birthday present that anyone can give him by seeing his Daddy yesterday!

Hopefully I'll have pictures tomorrow to post for you all to see and share. We're planning on taking him to a little version of Chuck E. Cheese's over at the mall, and just need to figure out chocolate vs. vanilla cake, pick up the "1" candle and some balloons!!!!

Now I'm off to cuddle my 11 month old...

Love you all!!


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Becca said...

Even though it's just been three months ago that my little one was born, I can FULLY appreciate this post and how quickly everything goes by. Happy Birthday Jax!!