Saturday, December 12, 2009

Still here...

Hello! Again, I know many of you are wondering where I've been, considering I have so much more time on my hands... Well I'm actually MUCH busier now than ever! Hoping to calm down after the holidays, but we'll see!
To catch you all up to date,Dean came home on Saturday! Jax and I were actually out of town visiting Dad and Dixie, so we didn't get to see him till Monday. Dad and Dixie were more than happy to see us! The last time we saw them, was when they came to us a few months after Jax was born. It was a fun visit and of course we were equally spoiled. Nah, I take that back, Little Bit won that one.
After we left there, Dean drove down to Chattanooga and met us there, where we went to the TN Aquarium! It was awesome, and even more awesome cause there was no one there but us!!! Although I was a little sad because Jax didn't show as much interest in the aquarium or fish as he used to. He just wanted out and wanted to run!
Once we got home and settled, we got a bunch of scares! Jax came down with a ridiculous fever (which I'm positive came from his 1 year vaccinations on Tues). Then just as soon as we were preparing for that, we got a call from Dad that Dixie was in the ICU at UOA in Alabama. She had some bleeding on the brain, that originally was thought to be a ruptured brain annuerysm. Turns out it wasn't, even after the Dr's said it was. As of today they are still running tests and hopefully will find out tomorrow what caused it and why.
Now we are trying to get Jax up to par and just having family time and getting ready for more traveling before Dean goes back to work. We'll know more on when and where Monday so stay tuned. Jax is still really fighting this bug,(thank you Flu shots grr...) He's been miserable. Hardly eating, forcing fluids, can't sleep, doesn't wanna play, just no fun!

Hope you all are doing well! Please keep us as well as Dad and Dixie in your thoughts and prayers.
Love you,
Shylah, Dean and Jax

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