Friday, August 13, 2010

A Buppy named Argo...

Well we have our little "buppy" back. We have decided on the name Argo, after all he's been through.

I didn't actually get anything out of the name, or the meaning behind it, until Dean gave me a Greek Mythology lesson... Argo was the name of the ship that Jason and Argonauts sailed on, and history claims it was the most protected ship under the Greek Gods...

So we figured that since our little guy was soooooo sick with Parvo and who knows what else, that someone was watching over him, and he's a blessed little fighter... ;) Plus it's a name that Jax can kind of say "Ahhhhhh Go-go"

I went and picked him up from the vet this morning, and although we don't have our "grand total" for his care and treatment, we are so glad that he is back at home and romping and bouncing around like a normal little puppy! He follows Jax around everywhere, and has done a good job at keeping Nash on his toes... ;)

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