Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall weather brings Sick Kids...

Well once again, the leaves are changing and the weather is getting cooler, which brings all the wonderful things like sweatshirt weather, football, holiday's, annnnnd sickness.

We have been battling a combination of allergies and cold bugs since the beginning of September, but having a preemie born w/breathing issues brings a whole nother realm of keeping my kids germ free and healthy.

A few weeks ago Liam came down with a terrible cough, and we are pretty sure it was due to the roller coaster weather we have here in TN. ONE day it's 89 the next it's 45... all of us felt bad. But after September came to an end, Liam got this AWFUL cough, wasn't sleeping, eating, and just wanted to be held. So on the 3rd we took him in hoping it was still just allergies... NOPE. Liam had a double ear infection caused by ongoing congestion. So we started him on antibiotics, which I'm not a fan of, but it has seemed to help. 9 days into being treated for that, he continued coughing, not sleeping, and started wheezing. I can't afford to take any chances with Liam, and with pneumonia going around in record numbers this year, I took him back in to the doctor only to learn he not only developed a pretty bad case of Croup, but also has a lower bronchial infection that they are hoping we caught early enough, before turning into a more severe viral infection.

Soooo we left the dr's office yesterday with a prescription for a steroid as well as a nebulizer and instructions for am/pm breathing treatments for up to one month. :(

Liam had a better day today, however with Croup, symptoms develop late in the evening and worsen throughout the night and into early morning... with him not sleeping at night, it's hard for him to get better, but hopefully in the next day or two, he'll get some comfort and finally turn the corner on feeling better!!

So far Jax has been ok, but we're watching close that he doesn't come down w/anything and keep the bug from rebounding with Liam.

Jax has also done a good job helping us care for Baby Liam, and not only being extra sweet since Liam is sick, but giving him check-up's to ensure he is in fact getting better... :)

These photos are from today...

Maybe, just maybe we'll have a doctor in the family...

Hoping everyone is doing good, and will say a little prayer for Liam to kick this bug!! I hate when my babies are sick and miserable. I'm doing my best to keep him comfortable, but it's hard when all he wants is mommy... :/

We will follow up with the Dr. on Monday if he hasn't started to feel better! Will keep y'all posted