Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011...

Here are some pictures of the boys on Halloween! It was such a fun night. Early in October, we asked Jax what he thought he might want to dress up as or what he wanted to pretend to be for Halloween. He immediately said that he wanted to be a pirate, and that Baby Liam should be his parrot. Of course we had to go with that idea because who wouldn't, it was such a cute response!!!

So we set out to find Jax a costume that would actually fit him and a costume for Liam as well. After a few weeks procrastination on the prices of children's costume's and finding only one parrot costume for a baby that would have swallowed Liam whole, I decided to make Liam's costume, and we finally found a $10 costume for Jax! :) I can only imagine how much fun it will be next year to dress the boys up and take them trick or treating!!!Jax had some issues with Mommy making his face a mess, but after he saw himself in the mirror and the reactions people were giving him, he was okay with it. Liam did pretty good too! We went to Nana and Pop's house first to show off the boys. Lol... when Harrell opened the door and exclaimed there was a scary pirate at his door, Jax gave him the most confused look responding with, "I not Scarrrry. I am Jaxon! I not scary". He then decided to "trade" candy with Pop's rather than just accept a new piece. Apparently Jaxon works on a barter system as well...After we left Nana and Pop's, we decided to hit one neighborhood that had close houses for Jax to actually trick or treat at. He was very hesitant at first, and didn't quite know what to do, but I'd say by the third house, and the happy faces and that he was getting HANDFULS of candy, that he figured it out very quickly. Then he was running up driveways and to the doors, knocking, then turning his body away until someone opened the door. THEN he thought he got to go in EVERYONE'S house lol... It was fun night indeed!

We also stopped by Jaxon's school, but that didn't last very long. Last year it was great, they had a game factory set up just for toddlers, since they are typically too young to go door to door. This year it was like NYC in a small gym with lots of big kids knocking the little ones out of the way... I think we stayed 15 minutes before leaving and heading home. We hit a few more houses on the way home, and by 9:30 by little pirate was out!!!

Hope everyone had a good Halloween and lots of little spooks come by!