Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Over the past year we've had a whirlwind of excitement come to the Ward Family.

In January we welcomed Liam into our family. We didn't quite expect him to come into this world the way that he did, but with the power of prayer, and the many, many doctors, nurses and medical staff we are proud to know now, he has made a full recovery and is a happy (almost) ONE YEAR OLD!! From his 30 day stay in the Johnson City, NICU to the bouncing, happy baby he is now, is more proof needed to show how amazing our God is. Liam is approximately 17lbs and 27" long. A long way from the 4lb 2oz he was born at. He has five teeth, is crawling, standing up to any and everything, cruising around table tops, eats EVERYTHING put in front of him and LOVES antagonizing his big brother. In just 31 days, he will turn one, and what an occasion that will be. He is such a sweet baby, and although a little more maintenance than Jax was at the same age, there are no words to describe what he has brought to our family. He has come such a long way from birth to now and he's more determined than any 11 month old I know!

Jaxon had a big year as well. In the fall he started preschool and quickly became a class favorite as well as a teachers pet. He made several new friends and although we had to pull him out of school due to illness and Liam's health, he has forever made an impression on his classmates and the teachers at his school. We are hoping to re-enroll him after the threat of cold/flu season passes, but in the meantime, we continue to teach him at home, and every day I become more proud to be his Mommy! He is starting to read and right before his birthday, he started writing his name, alphabet and drawing beautiful pictures! In November, Jax turned THREE!!! He is 38" tall and in just one year went from wearing 18 month clothing to a size 8 shoe and 4T clothing. He is a huge fan of Disney's Cars, and is still every bit into Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors as he ever was. My wish for Jaxon as he starts this new year, is that he continues to love learning and discovering new things. He is definitely my little buddy, and although he knows how to push my limits, he makes me smile and love deeper than I ever thought I'd be able to.

Dean just finished up almost two years working for the company MECO, and with that comes the excitement and stress of a NEW job!!! Dean is going back into the wind industry. In December he accepted an offer for a company called Gamesa. They are the 3rd largest manufacturer of wind turbines in the world. Gamesa is based out of Spain with their American headquarters being in Langhorne, PA. He will be working as a representative of the company on various erection sites. His position will be that of a Technical Advisor. It will be his job to be present on the job site as the turbines are erected, answer any questions that the sub-contractors have, and rectify any issues that are deemed to be the fault of the manufacturer. This is a great job with a fantastic company. It will take some adapting as a family but will provide many opportunities for us. He will start January 2nd at the corporate headquarters for orientation and training and hopefully soon we'll find out which project he will initially be assigned to. We will definitely keep you posted on the details. I am thankful to have such a wonderful husband who continues to provide for our family. He truly is the greatest thing that has every happened to me. How I ever wound up with someone so smart, funny, and good looking is beyond me. I thank my lucky stars every day that I get to wake up next to such a hunk of a man. :)

I myself, have had the best year ever! Whoever told me that more than one child is a pain, is wrong!! I've had so much fun watching Jax become a big boy and such a loving brother! Liam has inspired me every day with each new thing he discovers and just in general how happy and healthy he is. While being a stay at home mom to two might be stressful and at times overwhelming, I'm am so blessed to have this be my job and all the time it allows me to be around my boys! It is the most rewarding job I'll ever have! In September I picked up a new hobby and learned to sew!! I don't know everything yet, but when I get an idea, I'm pretty quick to figure it out! In the upcoming months, my job as a wife and mom will be a little harder as we will be going with Dean to the wind projects he's assigned to. Thankfully I have a wonderful support system and know I will have lots of help!!

Our furbabies, Nash and Argo are doing great as well! Nash will be 7 years old in March, and Argo will be 2 years old in August! It will be fun to see how the next few months go with them, when it's time to travel!! They are definitely a part of our family, so no matter where we end up, we will have to make sure there is a place for them! We also FINALLY found Lily (our temporarily adopted feline) a FOREVER home! It was important, no matter what I say, that we placed her in a home with someone who would spoil and love her (Yes. I just said that. Didn't love her, but I do have a heart!) I can't believe my Nashman is a senior dog... That also means I've been in TN for seven whole years!!! My, my where has the time gone!???!

We are certainly excited about the year ahead of us and can't wait to share it all with you!

We have been so fortunate to have such a fantastic year, and are thankful for the countless blessings we have been given! Time for another bowl of black-eyed peas!!! ;)

Wishing you a year of love, happiness and health!!

Shylah, Dean, Jaxon and Liam