Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Go Liam Go!!!

While Dean was home on his surprise visit, Liam learned how to stand up alone, and with that came his first steps with walking!!!
Over the past few days, he has gotten a lot more comfortable with letting go and walking, and tonight he even walked 7-8 steps to Jaxon!!! Although, I don't think he'll be up walking right away, he knows he's way faster on his knees, but it's a start, and maybe my initial 15 month guess wasn't too far off! He has even learned that he can clap for himself while standing before taking those scary steps!!!
I am beyond excited and so proud of my little guy!
Even though he just turned 14 months, Liam had his 15 month wellness check-up today. He is doing great, and pretty much where he should be according to Dr. Rick. He doesn't weight as much as I thought he did, but that's easy to understand as I weighed him at home weighing myself, then him and subtracting. We all know math is not my strong suite... anyways, he is 18lbs 7oz (5%), 29 1/4" (3%) long with an 18 3/4" (84%) head circumference. Lol. So, especially with that big ole' head, I'm really excited he's figured out how to balance himself!!! He got 4 shots, and did pretty good with those, took a 3 hour nap when we got home. He has his last (I hope) High Risk appointment with the NICU doctors on the 18th so maybe he'll be walking better by then and can show off a little!
Anyways, just thought I would share my excitement with Liam!!!
I'm definitely A very proud Mama!!!