Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goodbye Argo...

Exactly a month after Argo was diagnosed with Wobblers, today we said goodbye. I've never had to willingly put a pet down before, but I was a strong as I could be for him.
Losing a pet, regardless if they are "yours" or not is hard, but being the one to make that decision is even harder. Today I gave Argo all the things he loved. Cuddles on the couch, the longest scratch session, I let him lead me through the country fields as far as he could handle to go. We stopped at the top of the hill and just sat there. I cried, I hugged him and I told him how sorry I was for this happening and that I hope he understood why we had to say goodbye. I'm thankful for our walk; the silence of the country and the beautiful mountain views. It was peaceful, it's what he loved, and with every stumble he took, it made my decision feel right.
Before we left to the clinic, I arranged the front seat so he could safely put his head out the window one last time, something he just discovered he loved. On the way to the clinic, we stopped at a friends hot dog stand to get him one last treat, which ended up being more than that, and continued on driving as slowly as I could.

After our last goodbye just the two of us, Dr. Claiborne came into administrate the meds. He made sure we were both ready, which as hard as it was, Argo laid his head down, and closed his eyes giving me the strength to let go. It didn't take long, but I held him, hugged him, and had my hand on his heart and felt his last beat. He looked so peaceful, and instantly I knew it was the best decision. He will be cremated, and we plan on scattering some of his ashes around our home, as that's where his heart was... Being a hound dog.

Being Jaxon's dog, the last few weeks we explained to him that Argo was sick, and talked to him almost daily about puppy heaven and living with the angels. Although he's only three, I do believe us being honest with him and telling him what happened was the best way to handle it. I'm not certain he understands the concept 100%, but he knows that Argo will be with God and that he'll no longer be sick and that when he misses Argo, that he is right there in his heart.
Jax said that when he missed Argo that he would he just get a big ladder and go see him with God and play with him there! :)

I hate that Argo was so young, and how fast this disease ruined him, but he just wasn't the Argo he used to be. I know we made the right decision, but still it's one of the hardest situations I've been faced with. I'm thankful for the last month, as hard as it was to see him deteriorate, I got to spoil him, and baby him and hope he knows that he was loved.
A sincere thank you to all those who helped us along this short journey, for the many who have called to check on me, and for the prayers for peace and strength. I definitely felt it all, so thank you.

Dear Argo,
I miss you already. I know that you weren't "my" dog, as this was established the moment we picked you out. You were the new "buppy" and the new best friend to Jax. You were Jaxon's puppy.
I also realize that you weren't always treated as fairly or as favored as Nash, but as you should know, you are and were very much loved by us all.
Yes you angered me to tears with your constant running off after rabbits, or just because you needed to retrace your last hunting excursion, but as your disease progressed, it was clear to me that you were in fact living your life to the fullest. I'm sorry for the names I called you when you would finally come back home, but it was because I loved you, and I was worried you would become another victim of the road...
You were brought into a home with love even when there were times we neglected your interests like playing fetch, or walking to the mailbox, or scratching the tip of your nose, which you oddly loved so much. You never slept a night outside, went without a meal (by our choice), didn't help clean up after "your" boy, or get told we love you!! Your favorite toy, the battered and ragged squirrel you adored was always accounted for, and the cheat grass and thimbles you collected in your paws was always plucked out in the most sympathetic tender way...
You were just a baby and I wish we had many more years to have you as our pet, but we are glad we had you for the two years we did. I'm so sorry you got sick, and I'm sorry that you were confused at no longer being able to be you. I hope you felt our love every day, and especially the last month we were together. We really tried to do our best, and keep you as comfortable as possible. Despite your tendency to run, thank you for being the loving natured dog you were.
As I write this, know that we will miss you very much. Jax actually said he was going to take you away from God so he wouldn't be sad, and that you wouldn't be sick anymore. I know he is young, but he loved you and you were his. :(
I hope that you are on the other side of the rainbow bridge having the time of your life doing what you were born to do... Please don't chase my rabbit, PJ!! Tell Chopper we miss him too!!
We will be together again one day buddy, but until that day, you will remain in our hearts!!
We love you Argo.
RIP Buddy


Margie and Fred Flynn said...

Shylah, I don't know how you do it. You are the best mommy. I write this with tears in my eyes as I am faced with the same situation of having to put down my 13 year old "PUPPY". Argo will be at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you. Rest in Peace Argo! Say Hello to Jake for Margie and Fred. Love to you all, Margie and Fred

Kathy Bowman said...

Prayers for you and I hope you once again see your Argo at that beautiful Rainbow Bridge, I'm sure he'll be waiting for ya!!