Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mackinac Island, MI...

Finally, I can say that I have been to Mackinac Island! I had been really wanting to go since our last visit to MI in June, so for Dean's last R&R there, we decided to make a day trip with the boys and see what the island was all about!

Mackinac island is an island off the very tip of the upper peninsula. In 1898 the city banned all use of motorized vehicles except for one ambulance for the ENTIRE island. The only means of transportation are bikes, horse and buggy and by foot!! I didn't actually believe it until I saw a moving van being offloaded onto a cart with four horses...

When we got off the ferry and off of the dock board walk, I think I was more amazed at the fact that there were no cars lining the streets. All there REALLY were, were bikes and bikes, and parking lots full of bikes, and about 25 bike rental and repair shops lining either side of the streets. Of course along with that, were the quaint shops, parlors, a city market, fudge and ice cream shops galore!!!

We walked around, got lunch and did all the touristy stuff while we were in the downtown area. Then decided to really get the island tour, that we needed to rent some bikes and ride around the island.

I was a little bummed we couldn't attach a kid hauler to a tandem bike, but Dean got an orange bike at Jaxon's request and hauled our babies every where. This is an understatement of how awesome he really is!! The first few miles were a breeze, and the boys loved being chauffeured!! We decided to cut through the island, which I didn't want to admit to, because I wanted to say we rode around the whole island, but after we did it, and didn't die, I'll gladly brag that we took that route. There were more historical sites and more to see on the cut through and that's why we did it, but shortly after the point of no return we learned why we were the ONLY ones who went this way...there were SO many hills!!! I thought I was going to die, and at least the burn in my legs took the pain away from my butt hurting from the bike seat. All the while I complained, my amazing hubby kept on trucking, encouraging me (even with the additional weight he was hauling, he never complained once!) and we made it to the other side!!! Yeah!!! It was so much fun though!! I think we rode a total of 5-6 miles, the entire island is only 8 in circumference, so taking in the account of the torturous hills, and not riding a bike since, oh maybe 5th grade, we did really good, just a bit out of shape!

Along the way we stopped to read the historical marker signs, take pictures, have a snack and really take in the gorgeousness of a world of it's own. I'm not certain I could live w/out a vehicle, and I'm still wondering how a pregnant woman gets herself to the hospital. I know you wouldn't see my pregnant body on a bike just before giving birth!!

After returning our bikes, we let the boys burn off some energy at a playground there, and even though the tempers were getting short, we still stopped for ice cream, and world famous Mackinac Fudge! Jax was served a fresh piece after watching the fudge maker for about 15 minutes!! We went into several shops looking for souvenirs, but sadly, left empty handed.

The boys loved being hauled around, and getting to see a place completely free of overly busy people. Dean and I enjoyed our ride (minus the hills) and to me it was like a first date again, but only better having the boys in tow!

I've heard the only way to become a resident is by blood and inheritance, but I would love another trip and to stay for a few days to take in all of the island, but I'm not sure we'll be back.

Thanks honey for such a fanatic day with you and our boys!!
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mackinac_Island more info on the island!

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