Sunday, August 23, 2009

Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Well we FINALLY got to Pennsylvania. We got here around 6:30 last night. The trip was long, but all in all in wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... Now I do have to do this again in 5 days, and by myself this time instead of having help from Cherie with Jax. So we'll see how that goes. We stopped after 5 hours of driving on Friday and stayed the night in Cincinnati. Jax wasn't too fond of the drive on Friday and after about an hour of Jax screaming in the backseat, I thought
Cherie and I were both going to blow a gasket and give up. I fought back and knew it would be better to get ahead so we wouldn't be getting here at midnight on Saturday. Glad we did that because we only had to wait one hour to see Dean! On Saturday the drive up was really pretty... not a whole lot different from what I've seen traveling every where else in life... but you know... Jax figured out really fast that sleeping was the best way to pass travel time, and pretty much slept the entire way. He slept for a good 2+ hours then we stopped right after we got into Ohio, ate, fed the baby etc... then hit the road again. Jax was asleep again in about 20 mins and slept hard that time... he woke up playing and singing, and we only had to stop once more on my behalf! Really hoping he does that again when I leave on Friday!

After we got here, I was quite impressed by my home away from home. Yeah, I keep saying Dean's house... but I was quickly corrected, that Dean's house and my house are the same house, so really, I have two homes... Yeah you know... that's how we do it. =) It's gorgeous. Cherie and Vito are right across the hall, and Cherie promised me that she would take care of Dean from now on, at least on the feeding front. Yeah poor guy... I walked in and all he had in the cupboards were Spaghetti O's, bread, and chips... fridge consisted of Eggs, expired Milk, and two condiments... (Thanks Cherie in advance!) The apartment Dean is staying in is very nice. It's not huge, but it's not a dinky little space either. It's fully furnished, so it feels homey. All Dean had to do was put up a few Titans things, pictures of us and a blanket that reminded him of Jax on the bed. This house has reconfirmed my love for Victorian Style homes, and definitely added it as a must when we finally buy another home. The kitchen is so cute, and overlooks the park across the street... all minus the kitchen cupboards, it's perfect. The cupboards are painted Husky colors, Anyways, Dean seems to really like it here. We went and drove around the town today, still have some exploring to do, but there's a ton of extra people and traffic to avoid with the Little League World Series going on about 5 miles away. It's pretty exciting all that this town does for it. We went to Denny's this morning for breakfast and got to see a bunch of little leaguers all decked out. Too cute.

Today we've just relaxed and have been spending some time together. Tomorrow Cherie and I will have a lot of time to figure out the rest of the town, clean the house, grocery shop, etc... =)

FYI... Dean just bought a computer today, so he will be able to check emails, and keep ya'll in the loop of how he is doing. Just don't expect something right away, as Sunday's are about his only free time... and of course, we come first! =)

Love you all, and will post pictures when I get home.


Shylah, Dean and Jax

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