Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Adventures of Jax and the Letter "C"...

So the other day my mom sent Jax a "present" in the mail... Nothing big, or fancy in anyway, just the letter "C" from Jaxon's bath set , that we had accidentally left behind at her house in WA, over a year ago.

He has always missed it, and made sure that we remembered that when going through the alphabet, that the sequence went something like, " A,B, oh no!!! Where is letter C??? Oh it's missing! Fiiiiind letter C pwease!" So same thing every time, "Honey, the letter C is at Gramma's house! I'm sorry sweetie, we'll have to call Gramma and tell her you neeeeeeeed it".

Time went on, and eventually Jax forgot about it, and would go on with other letters, boats, cups, etc. We always talked about not forgetting to bring it home on our next trip, replacing the set, or making one out of the zero. We never did.

This past visit, when my mom came down to see us, she promised us that she'd mail it, but she wanted Jax to call and remind her. Boy did he. "gramma, where's is letter C? Oh, it's missing. Gramma send me letter C. Ok buh-bye".

So mom kept her word, and sent him the letter C. And then... Well and then it just gets ridiculous. First Jax wouldn't put it down. He carried it everywhere, and when bath time rolled around, all he cared about was that ABC, was actually ABC... THEN, he wanted to sleep with it that night, and the next... and the next.So for the past 3 weeks, we've done nothing but look for the letter C, bring it to dinner, to the store, in the car, , to nap, etc... It's so funny! We aren't sure if Jax just has completion issues, or if it's because it was a "present". Now that the letter C is back home with us, we've had a hard time keeping it away from him, as well as ALL of the letters. We catered to one letter, and now C-Z, green ball, blue ball, Frogg, Ernie are all in bed with Jax on a nightly occasion. I think he's smarter than I give him credit for, since we tuck him in, and then he asks for one letter at a time... I'm pretty sure he has just figured out how to completely manipulate Mommy, as well as stay up a little later... lol.
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