Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School...

Today is Jaxon's first day of official Pre-School!

Jax is in a class with three other kids, (2 girls, and 1 other boy). He is theJustify Full oldest, but there may be the opportunity to move him into the 3's class later. His new teacher, Mrs. April seems eager to have him in her class, and I think that everyone is hoping that he'll help teach the other kids as well as learn new things, make friends, and get the child to child interaction he needs.

He went to sleep a happy boy last night knowing that we were going to school in the morning. Daddy met us there and helped me get him to his class, and settled in, where he immediately found the cars and the car track and began playing. He introduced his new classmates to Liam "That's MY Liam", and then didn't even bat an eye as Mommy and Daddy were walking out saying goodbye... Hoping this school year will be fun and exciting for him! We're so proud to call him our son!

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