Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Four eyes are better than two??

I've officially joined the four eye'd club. Still in major denial, but it's not helping any that I swear I see better without my new glasses than with them on.
I was advised to get used to them and verify they were my correct prescription before ordering contacts, which if I do in fact see a difference in the next few days, I will most definitely be getting contacts. I don't see how people wear glasses all the time. They are absolutely annoying!!
I am not sure I see/feel a difference other than being slightly dizzy from seeing both above and below the frames, but in all honestly think they gave me a bogus prescription. I can't tell a difference with things far away, trust me, I'm going around testing everything lol. I am sure it's hard to get someones prescription right on when they can still see REALLY good without correction, but I'm not certain this is all right. :/ I only went in for possible correction for night time driving. I know that I do have a slight haze/blur with things far away, but all it takes is for me to blink real good and concentrate. I mean, I could still read the letters on the bottom of the chart when really focusing, but even when I was told not to over concentrate, was able to read most of the smallest letters and definitely everything above. *sigh*
I have a follow up appt. on Friday, as well as a few other tests to see if the cognitive glaucoma I was developing when I was younger has gotten any worse or better, so I guess I will give glasses a chance until then. So far I'm not a happy camper though.
They also took complete advantage of the fact I had no idea what I was doing with the vision benefits/allowances. I checked our benefits after getting a total of $156 and after thinking I was allowed a free pair of glasses/contacts each year, and I should have, but they pointed me in the opposite direction as well as tricked me into things I may or may not need. So with that, I have a fancy schmancy set of designer glasses, with anti-fog/anti-glare, although they are really "pretty". They are a purple/pinkish marbled color that picks up both black and browns which is what I wear a lot.
I'm not sure glasses are for me, or if this is in fact my "prescription", but if it is, I'm hoping I'll get adjusted quickly! I only wanted to wear them at night/driving, but was told to wear them all the time at least for the first two weeks...
So, all you goggle geeks... another one has joined your club! :$