Friday, September 17, 2010

14-15 Week Prenatel Appt...

Well I had my 14-15 week prenatal appointment yesterday. My normal Dr. wasn't there, so I saw a new Dr. Of course this can't happen again, as when I don't see my normal Dr., the backup doesn't fully read into my chart, and thinks he needs to start complete care for me. My bp was amazing (for me) 114/70 (something), and while this is great for me, most women in the 2nd trimester drop to the 100/60 range. I am close, but not where my normal Dr said he wanted me at. This Dr, who was extremely nice and seemed generally interested in my background and health, thought it was good enough to lower one of my meds. Mostly due to the fact that I have been so tired and weak due to my bp being so low for "my body"... anyways, he wanted me to reduce one of my meds to twice a day, instead of three times a day. I am going to continue with my normal dose until I talk to my Dr. on Monday.

Babies HB was 158. Very good for going into the 2nd trimester, but a significant drop from last week. Last week he/she was at 170... I try not to read into the wives tails anymore about the sex of the baby, but the way this one is going, I am still thinking it's a girl. Jaxon's hb was always high and then very low... 130 range... Only 34 more days till we find out what the baby is!!!!

The Banana Splits I've been craving have caught up with me. I gained nearly 5lbs in 3 weeks. I am still within my weight range... I've only gained 7lbs so far. 3lbs in the first trimester and now a whopping 4 just going into the 2nd... Haha...

Next prenatal appointment is scheduled for Oct. 14th, however I am going to try to either reschedule this appointment or get lucky and move up my ultrasound to the 14th so that they are together... ;)

Hope you all are doing well!
Xoxo Shylah

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