Monday, September 13, 2010

Memories, Friends, and Date Night...

Well this weekend was a fun one! Dean had his 10 year HS Reunion for DCA in Nashville over the weekend. Of course we went and had a blast. I was really worried and over the last month had mild anxiety thinking of how his reunion would go. What people would think of me, me being his wife, and Jaxon... yada yada...

Dean, Jax and I all aced with flying colors. I do believe that Dean got the most compliments on his pregnant wife, which of course was what I was going for, and very flattering for me. We also have the "cutest son", but the only boy out of all the people that had children so far. There were three other pregnant girls, so it was fun to sit with them and compare child stories, and stories of how our "daddy's" are with them.

Jax also had his first kiss with a little girl that was two days older than him... She totally initiated the kiss... kisses, there were 3. And while I wasn't actually ready to watch my baby have his first kiss, I couldn't look away, and was actually running for the camera. Haha I guess I did good to avoid it till now. Then about a half hour later, she decided that she didn't like Jax anymore, so Jax pulled her hair...

Friday was the start of the reunion. We had a very low key barbeque dinner in one of the classrooms at DCA. It was really weird for Dean to be back in his old school, where he had so many memories, let alone the fact that for the past 5 months all we've seen is the damage to DCA caused by the 2010 Nashville Flood. His school was hit really hard, and it was really sad that the water had gotten all the way up the walls in the hallway where Dean's HS All State Soccer picture used to be. I assume one day they will put it back up, but they were still renovating the school from the flood damages.

After dinner, most of the families all went and watched the football game, which was very lopsided, even after the 1st quarter, so we left. No sense in sticking around to watch a game when the score is 37-0 after only 15 mins.

Saturday night was the dinner night, and our date night. We left Jax with Pam and our usual babysitter Ashlee for the night. Dinner was at the Wild Horse, and also kind of casual. Dean and I dressed up, which is nice for a change for us. I wore a LBD and Dean looked great in his slacks and dress shirt. It was a lot of fun to hear stories of Dean and how he used to be. HS dances, 'Most Talented' achievements, and how much he has changed. Once the year book was passed around, it was clear that Dean had probably changed the most. He was definitely talented and athletic in HS, but he claims he didn't "get cool" till college. Lol. It was so funny with it being a Saturday night in a college town, all the wives were standing around talking and learning about each other, and all thehusband's were glued to the TV's rooting on their college teams... (Too bad the Pac 10 (Pac 11), (Pac 12) ended up whooping on the SEC!) Regardless, he had a great group of friends then, and has a great group of friends now... :D

It was a very laid back reunion, and I am betting that mine will be a thousand times different due to the size of our graduating classes, and the fact that I was public, Dean was private... who knows. I've still got two years, but since all the HS reunion talk has been going on, I've already been dreading/anticipating my own in 2012.

After we were done at the Wild Horse, we decided to go out to a few of the bars and see some of our old "co-worker" friends... We stayed out late late late, but definitely made the most of our date night!
Wish we would have gotten some better pictures of the two of us... but that's how it always goes with us!!!! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!

Love you all!
Shylah, Dean and Jax

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